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Welcome to 4 Seasons Photography blog!

Hello! My name is Deanna Martinez-Bey. I am an author, blogger, and photographer. I offer author services that include social media management, copy editing, and photography. This is my new photography blog where I plan to offer my thoughts and ideas about products, apps, and all things pertaining to photography.

The Nikon camera you see featured in the photo is my camera. It's fiery red color makes me happy. I have several additional lenses that I like to use as well. My first love is nature photography. My second love is food photography and I do enjoy candid portraits as well.

One may think that since I have such a fiery camera, I never leave home without it and use it to take all of the beautiful snaps that I have taken. However, that in NOT the case.

You may want to sit down to read what I have to share next...I do NOT carry my fiery red camera with me from place to place because I use my Samsung S9 cell phone to take and edit all of my photos! Do you understand why I suggested you have a seat?

As I share more posts, I will explain why I do this and how I go about editing my photos.

Thank you for your interest in my new photography blog, where you will find crazy ideas, opinions, and reviews with a healthy dose of "I know what I like". I'm all about the ease of taking magnificent photos and want to share what I have learned with you!

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